“Luana Darby knows the collections of the Family History Library and FamilySearch inside and out – and better than the FHL staff in many cases. If the FHL has the record you need, Luana will find it for you! Even when it may seem that the record isn’t there, she will keep looking until she finds it!
Luana is competent in several languages, so it doesn’t really matter where you are researching, because she can find foreign records for you, too! I cannot count all of the times that she has helped me find something that I needed for a project.”

Angie Bush

Genetic Genealogist

Through Luana Darby’s thorough and exhaustive research, many misconceptions and out right
errors concerning our family history have been corrected. For example, we were shocked to
learn that our family name should have been Sedgwick instead of Adrian. She has provided
historical documents, photographs, and written biographies confirming her findings.

Luana’s passion and enthusiasm for genealogy is contagious and I highly recommend her and plan to
work with her in the future.

Rowena Russell


“Luana Darby is one of the best researchers I know in Salt Lake City. She is efficient, friendly, and extremely proficient in a number of languages and record sets. I utilize her research services often for my clients. I highly recommend her! You won’t be disappointed.”

Rich Venezia

Rich Roots Genealogy

Luana Darby has to be my favorite Genealogist! I had the good fortune to meet her years ago while she was working on my husbands lineage and I was so impressed by how well organized, precise and able to find just about anything that we’d had trouble finding. She took the time to give advice on brick walls and hard to find information and helped rediscover wonderful stories that had been forgotten when she instructed me how to search microfilm archives. She has been able to find information that had eluded us for years, which helped reunite siblings that never knew each other for 60 years.

I can’t say enough good things about how she has helped us in our quest to find our ancestry. She loves her work and does an amazing job!

Ginah Shaw


“Luana Darby (Lineages by Luana) is my go-to person for record retrieval and research at the Family History Library. Whether it’s a specific request where I know the exact document I want for an article or for my own family research or a more general “I need a record that shows…” request for an example I can use in a presentation, I know Luana will find it if it can be found. Thoroughly professional, responsive, reasonably priced – and never too busy for that inevitable “Luana? Are you going to be at the FHL tomorrow?” email at midnight…”

Judy Russell

The Legal Genealogist