Need a speaker? Luana is a professional genealogist with over 30 years of experience as a researcher. She has lectured in many venues across the United States, including public and professional venues which include the National Genealogical Society, RootsTech, OGS and BYU conferences. She is available for speaking opportunities at conferences, workshops, seminars and banquets.

A full list of her current lectures is available for download. If the topic you desire is not listed, arrangements can be made for a custom lecture or presentation for your group.


  • DNA: Breaking Down Brick Walls (All)
  • DNA Project Groups – Helping You Get Closer to Finding the Needle in a Haystack (I, A)

German Research

  • An Essential Pennsylvania German Starter Kit: Overview of Literature and Databases (All)
  • Adding Character: Using Repositories and Archives to Enrich Your Pennsylvania German Ancestor’s Life (All)
  • And They Came by Way of Ontario (All)
  • The Palatine Immigrants – Tracing and Locating 18th Century German Immigrants Online (I, A)
  • Finding Your Ancestors in German Directories (All)
  • Is this the End? Taking Your German Brick Walls Down Piece by Piece (I, A)


  • Beyond Ancestry – Overlooked and Underused Subscription Sites (B, I)
  • Read All About It – A Guide to Online Newspapers (All)
  • LDS Resources on the Internet – Where Can I Find Them and How Can I Use Them? (All)
  • The Librarian Knows Where It’s At – Using State Archives and Local Libraries Resources Online (All)
  • ArchiveGrid: The Best Kept Secret Archivists Won’t Tell You About (All)
  • From the Heartland – Utilizing Online Resources in Midwest Research (All)
  • Hiding in Cyberspace (All)


  • Finding French Ancestors (I, A)


  • The Research Calendar – A Resource You Cannot Live Without (All)
  • Thinking Outside the Box – Using Unusual Records and Resources to Break through Brick Walls (I, A)
  • Madison Cheadle Is Found (I, A)
  • Surveying the Community – Finding Clues Hidden Among the Neighbors (I, A)


  • My Ancestors Knew Daniel Boone – Did Yours? Researching Along the Wilderness Trail (I, A)

Oral History

  • Remember What Grandma Said? How to Successfully Take an Oral History (All)

Professional Development/Business

  • Professional Development Brings Financial Rewards (I, A)
  • How the iPad Changed the Way I Work As A Professional (All)


  • State Census Records – A Hidden Resource (All)
  • The Tax Man Cometh – Using Tax Records to Solve Missing Ancestor Dilemmas (I, A)
  • Grandpa Was a Mason – Locating and Using Fraternal Society Records (All)
  • I Found Him in the City Directory – Extracting Amazing and Important Information from an Underused Source (All)
  • Turning Over in Their Graves – Dead Ancestors Can Help You Break Through Brick Walls (All)


  • Treasures of the Family History Library (All)
  • Using the FamilySearch Wiki as a Research Partner (All)
  • Archives and Their Collections – Adding Community History to Your Family (All)
  • Treasures and Hidden Secrets of the Illinois Regional Archives –IRAD (All)


  • Can You Hear Me Now? Voice Recognition Software for Genealogists (All)
  • Taking Your Family History Electronic (All)


    B = Beginner
    I = Intermediate
    A = Advanced
    All = All audiences