Do you need a professional forensic genealogist to correctly verify or identify individuals for a probate or trust?

Lineages by Luana assists law offices, guardians, executors, investigators, and other private firms to locate missing and unknown heirs and next-of-kin.  We follow the ethical standards of the field, and are contracted at an hourly rate, with no interest in the outcome of the case. Our work varies from a few hours to locate a single, missing heir to longer, complete kinship projects, involving multiple heirs at law.

Services Include:

  • Expert research in databases and on-site, completed to genealogical standards
  • Professionally written, source-cited genealogy research reports
  • Exhibits: descendancy charts and images of documents that establish kinship
  • Affidavits of kinship and due diligence
  • Locating a missing heir

Reasons to Consult a Genealogist:

  • If a list of family members seems incomplete, or you receive no list
  • When a family is complex, or the decedent was unmarried and childless
  • If there could be confusion over a common surname or if the family research includes research into other countries
  • When you want to present an expert, documented report
  • If you have doubt and don’t want to take a risk

All work is performed by Luana M. Darby, Accredited Genealogist®.